Follow the Bayou Beast

When Mardi Gras revelers began turning up dead or mauled by a mysterious creature, locals caretaker Leroy Honeycutt and recluse Henry Leblanc got scared but not so scared they couldn’t mess with out-of-towners YouTube reporter Chase Williams, who came for the story, and mob enforcer Alyssa Vito, who came to get the creature. Using Follow by Ben Robbins, these four tried to track the Bayou Beast to its lair but found nothing but a bunch of bats in some old caves. Then we tried to learn the beast’s weakness and came to believe it was addicted to alcohol-laden blood. Finally, we tried to set a trap for the beast by letting Chase get falling down drunk, but the beast never showed. Later, we learned that the police had found an escaped circus bear, who they blamed for the attacks. But were they covering up the truth?


Follow Superheroes

Tonight we played Follow by Ben Robbins on a quest to create a new superhero team “After the Blast” that destroyed the previous team, the Global Guardians. Led by the radicalized sidekick of the Guardians, who had turned into the grim avenger Raven, we sought out sponsorship from the Pegasus Foundation to establish a base, which was kitted out by Elementech, our inventor.

We won over the hearts of the citizens when Armament, Destruc-tor, and Polymorph defeated an irradiated, gigantic alligator attacking downtown. Polymorph went down in the fight because, having turned into a dragon, they swallowed some of the creatures blood during the fight and become infected. While the scientifically-minded members of the team searched for a cure, Raven followed the clues to the origins of the gator’s sudden growth: radioactive waste in the city’s sewers dumped by the mayor’s corporate sponsors, waste that had mutated the bacteria in the sewers and infected the alligator, Polymorph, and several citizens.

At a press conference, we announced that we had prepared a cure and found the evidence needed for A.E.G.I.S. to arrest the mayor for corruption even as we spoke. The Justice Stars were now successfully established as the protectors of the city.

Follow the Gods

At our last game night, we played Follow by Ben Robbins using “the Gods” quest. We explored how deities from an up and coming pantheon tried to convince the mortals to worship them. This proved rather difficult as the mortals resented the gods (quite justifiably) and the mortals could not see the gods.

The main gods we encountered were the crafter god of poison, the powerful god of destruction, the goddess of temptation, the god of beauty and the god of revelry.

At first the gods tried to create a new people that would worship them. This new people was created by the god of poison who combined the bones of human remains with body parts of living people (stolen by Philip the Wrongdoer, a half-mortal from the Underworld hired for this particularly dirty deed) and vegetation. This effort backfired, as this new creation was not quite human, it ended up being called the ‘plant people’ who became a scourge in the mortal world as they were full of thorns and poison. If the mortals resented the gods in the beginning, they resented them even more now for bringing this curse into the world.

The gods then tried to rectify this issue by going on an epic war campaign with the goal of eradicating the plant people from the mortal world. Unfortunately, this campaign was led by the god of revelry and the god of beauty who spent more time worrying about the epic songs to be written to commemorate this event than on actually ensuring that Baden, the half-mortal knight tasked with the destruction of the plant people, had the right tools and support to destroy the plant people. The plan failed, bringing more destruction to the mortal realm without eradicating the plague.

Lastly, in a last-ditch effort, the gods wanted to convince the mortals to raise temples to the gods. As the gods could not contact the mortals directly, they used Philip the Wrongdoer and Baden as prophets… so the humans ended up building temples to Philip and Baden of course, with minor shrines to the gods. Interestingly enough, we also learned that Philip and Baden were related, as Baden was the offspring of the goddess of temptation, who had met Philip in the Underworld during the creation of the plant people. The gods ended up being acknowledged by the mortals… but upstaged by their half-mortal underlings.

Follow the Heist from God

Employing Follow by Ben Robbins, nine of us created eighteen characters and proceeded to plan a heist of heaven, to take the apple of Eden away from God. Although we couldn’t circumvent the omniscience of the angelic hoards, we did manage to convince other deities to help us slip away with the forbidden fruit. Finding a buyer willing and able to give us fair value for our prize wasn’t easy, so we allowed all comers to make bids and present their best offers. In the end, we surrendered the apple back to God, and He, in his magnificence, granted us our desires.