One Last Corporate Job

In this week’s session, we played One Last Job by Matthew John in which we play a crew of thieves reunited for one more score in this hack of Lasers & Feelings (hacked further to run GMless) that includes a flashback mechanism (which we never engaged). Our crew consists of Benny the cocky Hacker, Peri the wildcard Grifter, Ruth the intimidating Bruiser, and Cyclops the charismatic Scrounger. We’ve been hired by geneticist James to steal back his top-secret research from his former employer, NuTech Pharmaceuticals from their corporate headquarters in a skyscraper downtown.

Our story begins with Peri and Ruth infiltrating the company as a window washer and a security guard to gather necessary intel. On the night of the score, Cyclops bluffs his way past the front desk as a painter with a work order for painting on one of the upper floors. Assisted by a disguised Peri, we roll our equipment into the elevator and begin. Outside via a direct connection through the wires entering the building, Benny runs technical interference and manipulates the cameras to hide our approach and keep the guards in the dark. Meanwhile, Ruth times her security rounds to rendezvous with us and swipe us into the research lab.

It takes us a while to find the right workstation. When we boot it up and try to get Benny connected remotely, the advanced network security blocks his access, though he manages to maintain control of the security cameras. Benny tries walking Peri through the steps to directly retrieve the data, but no matter how many times she tries, Peri can’t get logged in. When another guard arrives on the floor, Ruth intercepts him and offers to complete his rounds for him so he can go on break, which he surprisingly accepts, meaning she doesn’t need to take him out. After failing to login, we give up on making off with the research undetected, and Peri and Cyclops attempt to remove the hard-drive from the computer. When that fails, we decide to take the whole computer, so snip its security cable and return to our painting cart. Hiding the computer among the supplies on the cart, we successfully exit the building with the computer in our possession.

Back at our safehouse, Benny finally gets his hands on the computer and quickly realizes the machine is a honey pot rather than a repository. He tells us all to get out of there, but before we can act, a flotilla of vehicles arrives blocking our escape. In walks James dressed in an expensive suit and introduces himself as the Head of Security for NuTech Pharmaceuticals. He tells us he appreciates our help in identifying flaws in their security protocols, and offers us a job working directly for him on special operations. Frankly, why he wants us after our abysmal performance is beyond us. When he threatens to turn us over to the police along with the evidence of the job we just pulled if we refuse, we realize we have little choice. Looks like we’ll be working the corporate side of the street for a while.

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