Fiasco Camp Death

Rick, sister Emmie,
nurse Hildy and staffer Meg
at Camp Fiasco.

Silhouette of a man holding a bloody knife with the moon setting behind and reflected in a forest surrounded lake.
Camp Death cover art courtesy of Camp Death playset author James Gabrielsen

Act 1

Meg tells a story
about Suzy at mess hall
and PB sandwich.

Hildy meets Jenny,
Camp Director, for review.
Pot rendezvous set.

On trip into town
Hildy, Meg, Nicole get bounced
trying to enter bar.

Meg is lake lifeguard.
Emmie tells spooky findings.
How many swimmers?

Rick is an asshole
about Emmie’s spookiness
obsession—Sloane’s dead.

Hildy and Rick HIGH
on the ropes course. She slides down,
but he jumps, rope breaks, and falls.

Nurse Hildy sets
the broken shoulder but Meg
distracts with kisses.

Jim dies in montage
while Meg searches for her flask—
Blood stains the water.

Act 2

Hildy woos Meg with
bad fan fiction poetry.
Finds Jennifer dead.

Nicole plus Meg row,
Emmie joins looking for clues.
Nicole dragged under.

An outhouse stakeout!
Tommy is bait sent inside—
Slippery When Wet!

Rick confronts Meg
to protect Emmie somehow.
Let’s send her to town.

Hildy threatens lake
if it goes near Meg. Sheriff
dies in fire on dock.

Camp’s Billy goes with
to abandoned hist’ry shack—
Oija board spells “Boo!”

Em’s conclusion? Must
plug other-dimensional
portal with boulder.

Final scene? Rick thinks
it dumb to drop rock in lake.
We follow Em’s plan.


Paranoid man Jake,
Hildy’s survivalist friend,
is gruesome killer.

Meg haunted because
she failed to protect the kids
entrusted to her.

Hildy does hard time:
Manslaughter of Sheriff Joe
and Meg breaks her heart.

Emmie gets lots of
attention, not for wisdom,
but for ghostly obsession.

Rick falls into lake
with Tommy in avalanche—
Imprisoned for death.

One thought on “Fiasco Camp Death

  1. For those who like a more narrative summary, here is the long recap of our session this week.

    Tonight we played Fiasco by Jason Morningstar using the “Camp Death” playset written by James Gabrielsen. Our cast of characters include pot-dealing Rick and his step-sister Emmie who last year survived the summer of the shark at their parent’s B&B in Malibu, camp nurse and pothead Hildy and her girlfriend, and camp counselor Meg, who shares a dark secret about the camp’s past with Emmie.

    Our story begins with Meg trying to scare the campers with stories of past mishaps like the peanut butter sandwich at the mess hall. Hildy gets her first week review from camp director Jennifer Slocum and manages to convey to passing Rick her need to score more pot during the review. When Hildy and Meg go into town with fellow counselor Nicole, the bouncer turns them away at the bar door and threatens to let Deputy Sheriff Joe know about their marijuana stash, causing Hildy to smash a craft ceramic on the ground before scattering to the shadows. While Meg is on lifeguard duty, Emmie tries to explain the strange happenings she’s witnessed at the old outhouse, but is cut short when Meg realizes that one of the swimming campers is missing. When Emmie discusses her spooky discoveries with Rick, he mocks her decision to investigate dead girl Sloane’s swimming history. Later both high up in the dangerous old ropes course, Hildy slides down to safety, but Rick thinks that too painful and decides to zipline down but crashes when the rope snaps. Meg interrupts while Hildy is setting Rick’s busted shoulder, and the two can’t resist making out in gratitude for being reunited. Later, Meg returns to her cabin searching for her dropped flask while outside sunbathing Jimmy can be seen being attacked and dragged away to the water through the cabin doors and window.

    When Hildy goes to woo Meg with her bad fanfic poetry, they discover the body of Jennifer Slocum half in the lake. Meg decides to investigate and rows out onto the lake with Nicole, only to discover Emmie out there in a canoe; they trawl for clues but Nicole is pulled under after they see something moving below. Emmie decides to stakeout the outhouse and brings young camper Tommy and her brother along; when she sends Tommy inside to retrieve her dummy camper, Rick can’t believe she’d sacrifice the little guy for her obsession, and pace Bon Jovi they put a sign on the door stating: “Beware—Slippery When Wet!” Rick decides that Emmie is in trouble and confronts Meg about why she doesn’t do something to protect his sister, so they decide to send her to town “to search for clues.” Hildy goes out to the lake, yells at it to stay away from Meg, and threatening it with a lighter, accidentally sets the canoes on fire and inadvertently kills the Deputy Sheriff who was hiding out in the canoes. In town, Emmie and local camper Billy go to the abandoned historical society building and discover a map of the town, which Emmie says is in the shape of a Devil’s Triangle, consult a Ouija board, which spells out “Boo”, and identify a hole on the map that Emmie believes is a portal to the underworld. She sends Billy to the local press and returns to camp to explain her findings to Meg and Hildy and how we need to plug the portal; they decide to climb to Uncanny Peak and drop the precariously balanced boulder on top. As the entire camp hikes up to the peak, Rick cannot believe that Meg’s plan to save the camp is to drop a big rock in the lake.

    We learn soon thereafter that Jake, a paranoid survivalist that Meg had tried to clear out from camp grounds before camp opened and who was a grade school friend of Hildy’s, was the killer attacking the camp. Meg is haunted for the rest of her life by the deaths at the camp and her failure to protect everyone. Hildy does time for involuntary manslaughter of the sheriff and never sees Meg again. Emmie gets lots of publicity from a national tabloid as the emblematic crazy ghost & death obsessed teen. Rick tumbles down the mountain in the avalanche caused by the group on their final outing and also serves time when he gets blamed for the death of fellow camper Tommy.

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