Kingdom of Cheer

Tonight we played Kingdom by Ben Robbins. Our Kingdom was intergalactic cheerleading squad Novalicious, and our characters were Raquelle the Captain (Power), Moonica the Choreographer (Touchstone), Reese the Spokesmodel (Perspective), and Tammy the Trainer (Perspective).

Two chess pieces drawn on the cover of Kingdom RPG
Cover image courtesy of Lame Mage Productions.

Our first crossroad: should Novalicious sign the sponsorship deal with Rockit5 Energy Drink? We met with Mike Arad, the corporate representative of Rockit5, who promised to feature us in a scandalous new ad directed by up-and-coming music videographer Parzival, famous for his headless and topless videos, to be followed by live appearances across the galaxy. We keep meeting but failing to come to a single opinion on this subject, and Raquelle tries to concoct a plan with Tammy to develop an antidote or inhibiting regimen that will counteract the physical effects of Rockit5, which we know can wreck the body, but nothing seems to work. Finally, we reach out to our old sponsors—the Squeaky Clean Glass Cleaning Company—to see if they can sweeten their offer and lead us from this temptation, but the best they can offer is complete artistic freedom within the confines of a glass cleaning commercial. As we’re preparing our routine for whichever offer we take, Rockit5’s competitor Comet6 threatens to destroy us if we do the spot. In the end, we decide to sign with Rockit5, which leads to a raid of our dormitory by Comet6 agents, who fall in love with Reese and spirit the team to the finals in a rocket hearse. Despite our competing at finals this year, the advert gets us little exposure because in the video all our heads were replaced with horse heads and the Novalicious name never appears.

Our second crossroad: do we kick Emmy out of the team after we learn she used to perform with our rivals? Emmy has been Reese’s understudy as the face of the team and Reese keeps getting injured so has become suspicious of Emmy’s motives and the team’s loyalty and love for her. She feels her fears are confirmed when Raquelle insists that Emmy appear in the upcoming exhibition, even if she’ll be wearing a helmet so people won’t necessarily know who is atop the pyramid. Tammy tries to convince Reese that the team loves her and asks whether she could live with herself if Emmy were gone, but Reese remains suspicious. Finally, Raquelle decides we won’t kick out Emmy but will instead send Reese and Emmy on the Spirit-Stick Challenge, to try to get the two girls to bond, but instead the squad’s ship is attacked by the Poetic Justice Pirates. The trials of the pirate raid bring the team together and eclipses our internal squabbles, so we again make it to finals.