Choose Your Own Crypt of War

We had time for a bonus game at our session on Thursday, so we played a quick session of Cheat Your Own Adventure by Shane Mclean called “Crypt of War!” Here is how it went:

Legend has it that War himself keeps a cache of magical weapons in this crypt, so you venture down to secure them for yourself. In the first chamber, you find an old suit of armor on display and choose to clean it. Once you’ve oiled the armor and made it shine once more, they thank you and challenge you to join them on a quest seeking a potion to restore their life. The armor tells you of the great loving relationship between them and their blacksmith creator so many ages ago. As you’re about to choose between corridors to explore, an undead army attacks! Grasping the suit as a battering ram, you barrel through the zombies and race down a corridor but fall through a trap door into the catacombs below. Orienting yourself along the walls, you find another room with a pedestal in the center and leap upon it, which activates a mechanism that corkscrews you into the air. The armor enters a chamber below the pedestal and emerges glowing with magical energy. They threatens to leave you stranded on the pedestal but you promise to be their new love, so they help you down. When you enter the pedestal chamber seeking the legendary weapons, the god War appears before you. You abject yourself before him and try to bluff your way into his graces. War sees through your deception but finds your gall amusing and thanks you for restoring his ultimate weapon to him. The god and the armor disappear in a flash of light, leaving you groveling in the dust.