Fiasco after Slaying the Dragon

This week’s game of Fiasco by Jason Morningstar followed a mighty party of dragon-slayers, deprived of their hard-won dragon’s gold by the dastardly, orphan-loving mayor. The cast of characters included Belethor, a conniving bard, Blander, a gullible simulacrum of Andrelis the cowardly and extremely cloneable wizard, Tessa, a warlock with a gift for handmade pottery, and Jez, a rogue with a gift for handmade violence. With the reluctant help of a peaceful talking sword, the four tried very hard to beat, trick, and enchant their winnings back from the mayor and the villagers, occasionally making pottery-related detours to the gnome mines. However, when curiosity and long-searing resentment led them to the fetish closet of Andrelis’s deceased mentor Flixnor, hearts changed and they saw that honest hard work was the right way to earn back their gold.

Unfortunately, our team of villains had a surprisingly skewed vision of qualities such as “honest” and “hard.” Their business venture did not end well for anyone, except Andrelis’s many flexible clones.