Apocalyptic Horsemen’s Quiet Year

Tonight, we played Quiet Year by Avery Alder in a world after the Four Horsemen of the Biblical apocalypse has destroyed much of the world, focused on a community surviving in a small exurban hospital. After salvaging gasoline from abandoned cars strewn along the highway and putting out the fires in the forests, we settled down to finding meaning in our pitiful existence, building shrines to the mysterious Donut manufactory, communicating with the talking fish, and worshiping at the utensil vortex. We had to come together to wage war with the utensil-armed marauders who were carting off our foods and our people, a war we won thanks to the opiate-haze that Dr. Jakinov induced in them before the battle. Along the way, we managed to repair some homes, fix the roof and explore the collapsed tunnel, even as we saw visions of the Horsemen returned and were visited by a manhorse and the righteous Parish. The Parish wanted us to return to the old God in repentance, while others wanted us to turn to the vortex for guidance. The religious infighting between us left us ill-prepared when the Frost Shepherds at least returned with the first snows of winter.