Pasión de las Pasiones

Finally got to play Pasión de las Pasiones! In episode 143 of this ongoing Telenovela, we got to explore the life surrounding an extravagant club in Miami. The club in question was known for its extravagant chocolate fountains and exotic animals petting zoo. It all started going downhill when Blanca, the clumsy employee forgot to lock up the tigers at the end of the shift. Her lover, Indigo, came to the club to help, but he was smitten by Marcela, the beauty of the club and got distracted with her. In the meantime, Valencia, the owner of the club was plotting with Blanca’s twin sister Bianca on how to expand the club’s burgeoning cocaine dealing business. While Valencia was trying to keep her club operating, and expanding her business, Indigo used his looks to seduce countless people at the club, much to the chagrin of Blanca who loved him. Trouble escalated when we learned that Marcela’s boyfriend, Federico, who happened to be Indigo’s son, starting working at the club…while also being an undercover informant for the police.