Swampy Fiasco

Beast of Sucker Creek

We encountered the Beast of Sucker Creek care of Fiasco by Jason Morningstar this week. We started with mysteriously disappearing animals from the neighboring swamp ranches of pig farmer Bo and cattle man Frank Gaffney. Bo wanted to work with his favorite television star, Veronica “The Manhunter” Sanchez to go into the swamps and find the Beast, but Veronica was often distracted by her crush on aging aspiring actress Dahlia, devastated that she wasn’t cast in the commercial for a hybrid swamp water/milk pump Frank had invested in. Veronica was determined to get footage of the Beast, so bought Bo a suit to impersonate it, but Bo thought the Beast had been created in conspiratorial government experiments. Dahlia thought the Beast would lead her to the fabled fountain of youth but Frank thought it was the spirit of the swamp that could be convinced to protect his cattle as they wandered the swamps. To get footage for the 250th episode of her show Swampy Secrets, Veronica flew into the swamp with Dahlia to start a photoshoot while Bo walked into the swamp wearing his monster suit for the shoot and to help Frank track down his missing cattle. After a plan crash, a romantic rejection, and an influx of wild swamp hogs, the four caught a glimpse of the hairy swamp man in the distance. In the aftermath, Frank got lost in the swamp for days, lost his herd and lost his mind. Dahlia’s pet theory about the Beast was constantly belittled on the conspiracy boards. Veronica kept faking her footage for show after show. And Bo got the best ending of all, when firefighters came into the swamp to help him find his missing hogs.