Follow the Dragonborn

Our session this week was a D&D adventure in Follow by Ben Robbins. Our fellowship consisted of wanna-be hero Cybolice, local tour guide Phililip, Elven Wizard and noble Lady Dzondra, the reluctant Dragonborn chosen one Asira, Dwarven Rogue & brawler Amleth (and member of the Voguing Rogues), and nature priest & hermit Nord. Our quest was to kill the Dragon terrorizing our land, which had originally been attracted to us by the wild dragon flowers conjured by Nord’s order and the mountain of gold compiled by Dzondra’s family. Enough of us believed Asira could fulfill the prophecy of the Dragon’s ultimate defeat that we were determined to face it. Our first challenge was tracking the well-hidden beast, which we accomplished by finding and enchanting a Dreamstone, hiding it in a delicious dragon flower, and getting the beast to eat it during one of its raids. Our second challenge was to get the storm-forged weapon the prophecy said was needed. This took us to the Underdark, where we used the heart of the star performer Elvish Nessley as it fell into the mosh pit at the Heart of the Storm tavern to create the obsidian sword. Finally, we used the tracking spell on the Dreamstone to face the beast at its lair. When we’d lured it out and sealed the entrance, Asira prepared to bring it down, but once it felt the obsidian’s swords sting, it flew away and escaped destruction. Little Gareth, Asira’s greatest fan, cheered thinking this proved beyond all doubt that Asira really was the chosen one. The continued raids by the Dragon in the months to come would not change his mind.