Companions Tale Across the Inner Sea

We played Companion’s Tale by Laura Simpson this week, and created a world through which a mysterious Hero strode, leaving many questions behind. The land and story revolve around the Inner Sea, fluid as our society’s connections. Our people do not steal while opening our homes to each other; we have no locks nor thieves, but magical technology from the Magus Guild now suffuses our lives. In Act 1, we meet a maiden Rescued from a tower by the Hero against her will, a Mercenary who wields magic and daggers by the Hero’s side, and the Hero’s Nemesis who is determined to restore the Reckoner’s Guild. In Act 2, these three are joined by a Spy who the Hero sacrifices to protect, inspiring a change in loyalty; the Hero’s Childhood Friend, worried by the change she sees in the Hero; and a young villager who believes the Hero to be the prophesied savior and so becomes their Protegé. Our story concludes when the Hero leads the people to overthrow the Magi, which return our lands to tribal warfare and petty conflicts. With the loss of the Magi, the last of the ancient guilds are gone.The open doors between people close, and the companions, whether they carry on or flee, remain in the Hero’s shadow.IMG_4847