Howling Coyotes in the Tall Pines

When Jared fell to his death in the small mountain town of Tall Pines (eponymous game by Ahva & Miles Gaborit), it shook up his classmates most of all. Heather had kept his love for Philip Tudor secret by claiming to be his girlfriend, which had created envy in his best friend Todd, who wanted Heather for his own. Greta knew of his fear of dying alone, but by the time she dropped her cynical facade, it was too late to help him.

Liam, the soft-hearted deputy who was distantly related and had umpired for Jared as a child, haplessly stumbled between suspects until narrowing his suspicions to local therapist, Dr. Tudor, PhD, but Jared’s classmates were responsible for finding most of the actual evidence. Philip revealed the affair his mother was having with Jared’s father, Jim Bernachovsky, and Heather and Greta found Dr. Tudor PhD’s bloody scarf in the Canyon’s coyote cave. Later, Raymond the handyman accidentally caught fire and died at a candlelight vigil when he confessed how greatly Jared’s utter lack of gratitude had hurt him. With no progress in the case, Todd led the student body to the police station in a drunken rage but died riding a moped home.

Liam kept running into Dr. Tudor PhD at night all over town and began to suspect her of lycanthropy, which she denied even after waking up, bloodied but with no memory in the old lodge. Eventually, the kids and Liam cornered Dr. Tudor PhD in the attic that Jared had fallen from, but she leapt from the window and disappeared with coyote howls echoing in the distance.