Dream Askew at the Vint Age Shop

This week, Avery Alder’s Dream Askew brought us to a post-apocalyptic world, one slowly deteriorating as apocalyptic waves overcome the populace. Our queer enclave consisted of Rabbit, leader of a religious sect intent on preventing the hierarchies of the past from infesting the present; Chief Proust, a nostalgic owner of Vint Age, a coffee shop and apparel story; Spector, whose workshop tried to preserve whatever could be useful: bikes, fruits, vegetables, meds, fermented grains; and a new arrival, Audi, victimized but competent, a former nurse who’d lost it all.

Rabbit and Chief Proust kept getting in each other’s way, leading to violence at Proust’s shindig to bring the enclave together, violence that burned out his shop. But the violence was abruptly ended when Rabbit saw a vision of a horde of warriors descending upon our enclave and destroying it. Working together, the enclave built a Potemkin settlement in an abandoned stadium and led the warriors, when they finally arrived, to destroy that false village rather than our real home.