Fiasco on a London Stage

Tonight we played Fiasco by Jason Morningstar, with the London 1593 playset.

Two priests from the Vatican, Fr. Leo Amadeus a.k.a. “James Gurney” and a man who goes by “Bartholomew Oatcake”, travel to London with the goal of undermining the Church of England. Renowned actor Caston becomes romantically involved with Leo, while Bartholomew distributes radical atheist literature. Short on cash, Bartholomew and Caston start a business selling counterfeit tea. But tragedy strikes when they accidentally poison the Count’s daughter, the lovely Ursula Belch. With the help of some corned gunpowder procured by stage manager Puck Thump, the trio cause an explosion at Buckingham Palace. Caston escapes, stopping to take revenge on a man who insulted his shoulders, but both priests are defrocked for their exploits.