Flying through Fall of Magic

Our story this week, courtesy of Fall of Magic by Ross Cowman, was four characters traveling with the Magus to Umbra, where magic was born. Our fellowship consisted of Harp, a merchant of Istalia; Fawn, a giant of Mistwood; Piccolo, an apprentice of Ravenhall; and Caspian, a fugitive from Stormguard; each of whom accompanied the Magus seeking advantage: knowledge, redemption, companionship, salvation. We entered Barleytown seeking what we would need but it wasn’t until we entered the Mistwood that we found anything of value to our quest. The Magus summoned the Grey Ranger from the Spirit Lake, and Fawn collected an ancient skeleton that we later traded to Agnes for a silver key covered in runes in Istalia. The ghosts of Stormguard tracked us down the Spirit River and across the swamps but we escaped them aboard the Sea Wing and stopped at Heron Island before reaching Umbra. In Umbra, we again encountered Agnes but managed to use the silver key to open the silver castle to reveal the Glow. Carrying the Magus and clasping hands, we stepped into the glow and disappeared.

We managed to tell this story in a single session by consolidating locations and, on occasion, moving the Magus before everyone had had a scene. We passed up some opportunities to deepen individual stories or relationships, but there was no real cost to creating these mega-locations that moved the story along more quickly. I think it can work regularly to allow us to play this game more regularly.