Prehistoric Quiet Year

Our session of Quiet Year from Avery Alder this week was set in a prehistoric Ice Age, along an icy river cutting through the tundra, near a glacier, a hotspring fissure, and a schist jutting out of the earth. Our small community began with an abundance of mythology but warmth, game, and healing were scarce. We hunted for game and water fowl, carved caves from the glacier and attempted to appease the gods through sacrifices. When we attempted to build a new totem pole to please the angry gods, things turned dark. A storm ruined our construction, and an earthquake the bridge we tried to build across the river to visit the other community that lived there. When we attempted to dig a memorial pit to mimic their rituals, we failed yet again, and before we could right ourselves, the Frost Shepherds came riding out of the North with their war dogs, a veritable army of nomadic people. The people from across the river claimed to have driven them off once before and called for us to join them in protecting these lands from the Northern invaders.