Follow the Bayou Beast

When Mardi Gras revelers began turning up dead or mauled by a mysterious creature, locals caretaker Leroy Honeycutt and recluse Henry Leblanc got scared but not so scared they couldn’t mess with out-of-towners YouTube reporter Chase Williams, who came for the story, and mob enforcer Alyssa Vito, who came to get the creature. Using Follow by Ben Robbins, these four tried to track the Bayou Beast to its lair but found nothing but a bunch of bats in some old caves. Then we tried to learn the beast’s weakness and came to believe it was addicted to alcohol-laden blood. Finally, we tried to set a trap for the beast by letting Chase get falling down drunk, but the beast never showed. Later, we learned that the police had found an escaped circus bear, who they blamed for the attacks. But were they covering up the truth?