Fiasco for Salem Witches

Our Fiasco session this week was tight and dramatic, using the “Salem 1692” playset by Logan Bonner and Lillian Cohen-Moore. We divided into two factions, the mother and daughter tied to witchcraft, and the pair of Deacons who orchestrated the witch hunts, but the relationships were complicated by the mother, Sarah Proctor, having witnessed Deacon John Harsh murder a girl years ago and blame it on witchcraft, and by the repressed feelings between daughter Hannah Proctor and Deacon Ash (Job-Raked-from-the-Ashes). Thanks to Sarah Proctor’s machinations and manipulations, by the end, the children had married and Deacon Harsh turned himself in out of guilt. In the Aftermath, however, the world of every character came down upon their heads, with death embracing each of them but Hannah, who ended up back at her mother’s home, husbandless and with child.