Archipelago at the Eye

Tonight we played Archipelago by Matthijs Holter, in a galaxy plagued by piracy in orbit about a central black hole known as “The Eye”. Our cast included Lilymane, a roboticist who manages to midwife a robot/human hybrid born from the womb. She would learn that her hybrid had developed a grave condition and spend most of the adventure trying to save them. Her godchild is Bjakjjon, the hybrid torn between two species, who would ultimately decide to convert their biologics into robotics and abandon humanity entirely, leaving Lilymane in the hands of pirates. 

To aid her in diagnosing Bjakjjon, Lilymane enlists noted antimatter scientist, Wyo-Ming, whose research attracts the attention of Captain Barbery. His pirates, Cass the pilot and Sam the drunken gunner, infiltrate Space U and kidnap Dr. Wyo-Ming, Lilymane, and Bjakjjon. Along the way, Sam meets and is rejected by his long-lost son, and Cass comes to accept that she’ll never be able to walk away from flying or piracy.

When they return to Barbery’s cruiser, The Guillotine, they discover him agreeing to help Aulrana, an insectoid rebel from the planet Swelter, in her efforts to free the planet from outside domination. Cass and Sam plus the Captain’s robot first mate Simon (C5-MX) blow-up the Federation’s control satellites, but they crash on the surface, destroying the Federation outpost and killing much of the indigenous population. Meanwhile Wyo-Ming has fallen for Captain Barbery’s charm and they marry on the cubic pleasure station, 3D, where Simon encounters a media mogul who hires him to create a comedy about piracy for the VR vids.