Follow Superheroes

Tonight we played Follow by Ben Robbins on a quest to create a new superhero team “After the Blast” that destroyed the previous team, the Global Guardians. Led by the radicalized sidekick of the Guardians, who had turned into the grim avenger Raven, we sought out sponsorship from the Pegasus Foundation to establish a base, which was kitted out by Elementech, our inventor.

We won over the hearts of the citizens when Armament, Destruc-tor, and Polymorph defeated an irradiated, gigantic alligator attacking downtown. Polymorph went down in the fight because, having turned into a dragon, they swallowed some of the creatures blood during the fight and become infected. While the scientifically-minded members of the team searched for a cure, Raven followed the clues to the origins of the gator’s sudden growth: radioactive waste in the city’s sewers dumped by the mayor’s corporate sponsors, waste that had mutated the bacteria in the sewers and infected the alligator, Polymorph, and several citizens.

At a press conference, we announced that we had prepared a cure and found the evidence needed for A.E.G.I.S. to arrest the mayor for corruption even as we spoke. The Justice Stars were now successfully established as the protectors of the city.