Microscope Centaur Isle

Thanks to Microscope by Ben Robbins, we discovered a world populated by mythical creatures like nymphs and centaurs, at war with each other and humanity, once they came riding and conquering from the steppes. The centaurs emerged victorious from the great colonial competition, thanks to the betrayal of one troop of horses during a decisive battle. Centuries later, five families rise to rule the world, families that mix centaurs and humans, and who learn to compete through ritualized artistic and theatrical productions rather than war, as if the Olympics could be used to resolve geopolitical questions. When the cactus nymphs rose up in rebellion, the power of the families began to wither until only the Trojanus family remained. When their centaur rulers were sentenced to death in a public trial, the age of the families, and of this history, came to an end.