Durance Iku Pya

Using Durance by Jason Morningstar, we settled into our new penal colony, Iku Pya on the planet RFS 617. Despite the optimistic survey about the planet’s hydrology and atmosphere, the planet ended up being a tropical nightmare full of hostile natives and constant floods that somehow destroyed all our efforts at agriculture, which created consistent food shortages. The effort by Judge Advocate Keecham Fowderhop to lead Governor Pebbles Keech to eliminate the convicts, instead led the besotted administrator to elevate her disdainful paramour, racketeer Rayle Smickley, to the Judge Advocates post and send divorced-from-reality Prude Stackens, the Queen of the Crawlers, into the forest to throw off her enemies. But, Rayle reached out to the convicts and Dimber Damber Laull N. Haley and The Abbot, Theria Croffin, to assist Dr. Evret Jacks in digging a great chamber beneath the surface, a project that once finished may allow us to finally survive on this damned planet!