Microscopic Cosmic Deities and Pandora’s Other Fiasco

Tonight we had two full tables of gaming going with 9 players in all. On one, we took to the stars in Microscope by Ben Robbins. Our history spanned hundreds of years and followed the wars between the planets and the megacorporations that ran roughshod over the entire solar system. Things got complicated when the planets, houses, and corporations allied themselves with cosmic deities to extend their war, but when those deities decided that mortal squabbles weren’t worth the trouble, they brought an enforced peace to the entire system. Imagine our surprise when another pantheon of gods arrived and wiped these cosmic deities out, leaving our hodge-podge of aliens to pick up the pieces, but at least we were united for the first time.

On the other table, we played Fiasco by Jason Morningstar using the Touring Rock Band playset. We were managers and fans of the very obscure band Pandora’s Other Box (or POB as some call it). A combination of mismanagement and poor impulse control led the team to organize a performance at a megachurch in Salt Lake City as a tribute to the victims of a fire that took place at a prior POB concert.