Masks vs. the Mole Men

If The Breakfast Club had happened at Hero High, it might have gone something like our session of Masks! A New Generation by Brendan Conway. Our group serving Saturday detention together consisted of the Battering Ram (Bull), Banana Person (Protege), Thistle (Outsider), Burning Man (Star), Vamp (Delinquent), Matrix (Transformed), Sawa (Legacy), and Void (Doomed). Once our school started sinking into the Earth, we sprang into action and quickly fought off attacks by mutated moles and giant, demonic spiders. Following their tunnels below the school, we talked our way into the lair of the mastermind, a poor, demented soul who just needed his mindset adjusted to return peacefully to the surface. Saving the day, we returned to school to receive praise from our teachers, who, thankfully,  cancelled our detention.